South African Institute of Architects

SAIA and the Regional Institutes often receive enquires which indicate a misunderstanding regarding the respective roles, functions and duties of voluntary associations (SAIA and the Regional Institutes) and the Regulatory body (SACAP). This information is intended to contextualize their respective positions.

  • Voluntary association of architectural professionals established by consent and through the adoption of a ruling constitution.
  • Voluntary – professionals and candidates elect to join SAIA. Individuals (professionals and candidates) enroll voluntarily.
  • Practices which meet SAIA’s criteria are recognised as Corporate Members
  • Objects – To uphold the dignity of the profession and its members; To promote excellence in architecture; To contribute to the enhancement of society and the environment.
  • Supports the membership through the establishment of best practice and the provision of practice-related information and publications.
  • Mandated by SACAP to present Category One CPD activities and to validate Category One CPD activities offered by third parties.
  • Run Awards programmes.
  • Investigate (initially through Regional Institutes) complaints relating to non-compliance with the SAIA Code of Ethics.
  • Maintain relationships with international professional bodies to facilitate qualification mobility.
  • Compilation of the Professional Practice Exam Study Aid for candidates.
  • Maintain international relationships, with both umbrella and national individual associations to foster co-operation and good international working relationships.
  • Participate in SACAP process and provide a practice-based view on the fee structures.
  • General Benefits that all members of SAIA are entitled to.
  • Additional Benefits that corporate members are entitled to. It should be noted that Regional Institute membership entitles professional and candidate architects to SAIA membership and all the benefits deriving therefrom.
  • Engage with other professional associations and industry related organization for the benefit of membership.