The Technologist

The Architectural Technologist provides technical building design services and solutions and is trained in architectural technology, building technical design and construction. Architectural Technologists apply the science of architecture and typically concentrate on the technology of building, design technology and construction.

They can or may negotiate the construction project, and manage the process from conception through to completion, typically focusing on the technical aspects of a building project. The training of an architectural technologist concentrates on the ever-increasingly complex technical aspects in a building project, but matters of aesthetics, space, light and circulation are also involved within the technical design, leading the professional to assume decisions which are also non-technical.

Most architectural technologists are employed in architectural and engineering firms, public works, private developers, retailers who design their own shops or with municipal authorities; but many provide independent professional services directly to clients, although restricted by law in some countries. Others work in product development or sales with manufacturers.

In South Africa the profession is by the South African Institute of Architectural Technologists SAIAT. Senior architectural technologists (10 years or more in practice) enjoy the same statute than architects.

The South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) explains that: “Architecture can be practiced in one of four categories of registered person, namely professional architect, professional senior architectural technologist, professional technologist or professional draughtsperson. The possibility of progression from one category to the next has been provided for in the Regulations.”